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Magento iPhone Development, Magento Mobile Ecommerce Development

Written By Abaris Solution on Tuesday, 22 May 2012 | 06:00

Magento iPhone Development
Magento iPhone Development- Ecommerce at Your Fingertips
iPhone development has taken the world by storm as it has opened new avenues, whereby end users can shop online from their mobile phones. You shop online, while on move thanks to Magento iPhone development.
Custom Magento development for iPhone is the next big thing happening in the IT world. Since iPhone has smaller screen size and memory compared to normal PC, it is necessary to develop custom e-commerce software for iPhone so that users enjoy flawless connectivity with online shopping carts of their choice. This is where Magento iPhonedevelopment, shows the way.

Magento iPhone development at ABARIS SOFTECH
Mobile commerce or M-commerce is witnessing explosive growth and e-Commerce development companies like ABARIS SOFTECH find Magento a perfect platform to develop custom e-commerce applications for iPhone. ABARIS SOFTECH utilizes the following features of Magento to develop exceptional mobile commerce applications for you:
Ø  Open source nature makes it easy to develop applications at low cost
Ø  Easy to build and integrate custom Magento extensions, like themes and modules, which suit the mobile e-commerce requirements.
Ø  iPhone compatibility that allows seamless connection with e-commerce world from your iPhone – anywhere, anytime.
Ø  Magento is highly flexible platform that enables the Magento developers to utilize iPhone salient features like quick catalog browsing, global site search, secure customer account access and shopping cart check-out process to create exceptional Magento mobile applications.

Mobile Ecommerce Development
Scope of Magento iPhone Development Services at ABARIS SOFTECH
Magento Commerce Experts (ABARIS SOFTECH) has Mobile application development center in India, which deliver cutting-edge e-commerce applications for your mobile phones so that you can shop online from your iPhone in hassle free manner. Our scope of Magentodevelopment services for iPhone covers the following areas:
  1. Ø  Theme development for iPhone based e-commerce applications
  2. Ø  Custom Magento extension development for mobile phones
  3. Ø  Magento iPhone app development
  4. Ø  Mobile Ecommerce website development

ABARIS SOFTECH takes iPhonedevelopment to next level by flawlessly integrating Magento offerings with iPhone technology so that your mobile commerce requirements are completely and satisfactorily met.

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