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Written By Abaris Solution on Sunday, 29 April 2012 | 10:48

Magento Extension Development- Enhances Functionality of Magento Shop
Magento is an exceptional e-commerce development platform that easily accommodates the growing and changing needs of online business. Magento website is highly flexible and it is quite easy to extend its functionalities by integrating multiple extensions. Custom Magento extension development allows developers to add on or more special functions to meet the online business requirement.

Magento Extension development at ABARIS SOFTECH
Magento Commerce Experts (ABARIS SOFTECH) is neck-deep in development of Magento based online shopping carts or e-stores. Magento extensions play an important role in ability of e-shop to deliver the desired results. Hence ABARIS SOFTECH offers custom Magento extension development services, without disturbing the core e-commerce function of the site. Module, interface and theme development all fall under the scope of Magento extension development and ABARIS SOFTECH provides complete Magento extension development solutions.

Scope of Our Magento Extension Development Services
At ABARIS SOFTECH, magento development team packs e-store with the latest Magento extensions exclusively developed for clients to provide the leverage needed to stay ahead of their competitors in the market. The Magento extension development services are not limited to below mentioned areas but extend beyond them. Following are types of Magento extensions developed at ABARIS SOFTECH

*      Currency Rate Change:
The global currency market fluctuates every day and it is not possible to update it manually. Since Magento sports multi-currency features it is necessary to have configured Magento extension that enables the e-store administration panel to automatically update the product/service prices hosted in different currencies on front stores. This saves precious time and does away with hassle related latest price updates.

*      Multicolumn exploded menu:
With passage of time you need to increase the range of your products or services delivered by you. This should reflect well on your store in form of categories and sub-categories. At ABARIS SOFTECH we create Magento extension that replaces the single column with multi-column dropdown, including 2nd and 3rd level menu items so that your entire product range is vividly displayed to your customers.

*      Query Zoom widget:
This widget enables your e-store visitors or clients to hover over the images of your products and see the product in zoom mode, without use of any controls. The extension developed allows e-hop owners to display images of their products in the eye-catching galleries for better visualization.

*      Blog integration:
A blog is a great way for an online store to connect with clienteles. ABARIS SOFTECH develops extension that allows easy integration of the blog in the e-store so that you connect well with your customers.

*      Magento extension development for check out news letter and product update information:
Spamming is a big nuisance in email and hurts business prospects of the e-store. Hence ABARIS SOFTECH has come up with an extension that embeds “check out box” for news letter for safe and better correspondence with clients. Through newsletter your clients get to know your latest products, offers and product reports, which all help you to increase your sales. Checkout Newsletter is a super simple extension for Magento which allows you to add a ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’ checkbox onto your Checkout Page.

*      PAP Extension:
This type of extension automatically handles click and sale affiliate tracking, tracks affiliate sales using PHP API, accepts referrals to any page of your online store.

*      Flash widgets Extension:
This Extension enables you to serve interactive flash widgets containing your products wherever and whenever you need them on your Magento store.

*      Magento extension development for same order number for invoice, shipment, credit memo and cancellation/deleting:
As usual with Magento shop, you have to deal with different order numbers for invoices, shipments and credit memo so our Magento extension developers have formulated extensions to get related order number for invoices, shipments and credit memos. Similarly you can delete your order just by canceling your order first.

*      Magento extension development for upgrade proof email Templates :
Many times you face problem with your customized email template especially when you have to get update for your store. ABARIS SOFTECH developers have developed extension for your email customization that override any update template and let you flow with same customized template.