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Written By Abaris Solution on Sunday, 29 April 2012 | 10:19

Magento Enterprise Solutions
Big enterprises industry faces challenges from the competitive and ever-evolving marketplace to increase revenues constantly and simultaneously reducing their operative costs, improve efficiencies and raise customer satisfaction levels. Considering these facts Abaris Softech Pvt Ltd develops Magento Enterprise Solutions for your enterprise.
It is well known facts that most of the big organization suffering from following problems in there organizational developments and
Managements of IT related tools at any point of time in their life cycle. Some are as follows.

Most of them have a Central Database Application that is characteristics of
  • Ø  Shows symptoms of rambling and burdensomeness.
  • Ø  There instruments and their parts are critical and irreplaceable
  • Ø  Either difficult or nearly impossible to change
  • Ø  Solely dependent on the manufacturer’s version upgrade for modification
  • Ø  Mostly detached from the internet for concerns of safety and cost

A overflow of semi-independent Satellite databases and Web sites that are
  • Ø  Lack of adequate and proper synchronization with the central database
  • Ø  Lack of proper security and upgrade maintenance
  • Ø  Consists of end users with too many IDs and passwords simultaneously
  • Ø  Lack of established organizational business practices

Abaris Softech Pvt Ltd extending its helping hand for your helps Enterprises to build their business portals with the Magento enterprise solutions that can integrating following modules and deploy solutions that automate business processes to keep pace with business demands and transforming the enterprise into an efficient model of profit. These modules are:
  •      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  •      Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  •      Custom SharePoint Development(CSD)
  •      Collaboration and information sharing
  •      Workflow and project management
  •      Knowledge management(KM)
  •      Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  •      Human Resource Management (HRM)
  •      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  •      Enterprise Information System (EIS)
  •      Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Abaris Softech Pvt Ltd adds following weapons in this battle field for you to win the race and those are
Your Permission Roles at Store Levels
To leverage multi-store functionality to create multiple sites, and with the Magento enterprise solutions at Abaris Softech Pvt Ltd you can restrict access roles so that “your selected staff” view the data for the stores relevant to them only.

Logging of sub-administrator Actions
Magento enterprise solutions enable you to track and review all actions taken by your subordinate as a sub-administrator user. You can see views, edits and deletions of information. Logs are associated to specific sub-administrator users, with the ability to see the action taken, when it was made.

Allocation of Gift Certificates/Cards (Physical and Virtual)
Abaris Softech Pvt Ltd in Magento enterprise solutions, allow customers to purchase physical gift certificates/cards which mailed to recipient and virtual gift certificates/cards in form of code provided via email to recipient. Customers can include a personal message when purchasing, and recipients can use the value to purchase items as credit in the store.

Customer Store Credits for your patrons
With Magento enterprise solutions Store Credits can be created and tied to customer accounts, for instance orders can be refunded for store credit, and customers can use the credit to purchase items during checkout.

Staging and Merging of Contents.
Magento enterprise solutions allow you to create a staging site to test new categories, product information, promotions and more. Content can be merged to the live site after approval, either on-demand or on a scheduled basis.
Limited catalog access
You can restrict the catalog access to certain customers with the ability to restrict on a category, or global basis, the viewing and purchasing of items.

Private Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions
The ability to restrict the catalog, allow customers and admin users to create invitations, and the ability to create events for limited time sales of products makes the Magento enterprisesolutions the perfect solution for your Private Sales with Abaris Softech Pvt Ltd.

Strong Data Encryption
Additional encryption and security standards in the Magento enterprise solutions to support PA-DSS standards ensure that yours is a fully secure solution.
So now don’t run here and there and settle your enterprise solution with us.